Wireless and fully autonomous, equipped with an optimized solar panel design, it collects and stores energy from the sun during the day At nightfall, thanks to its tactile function, turn on your lamp with a simple touch of a finger on the solar panel and enjoy a light that is both abundant and subdued, up to 12 hours of use without recharging Standard Twist Off Collar TO82mm

Material : Plastic

Delivery time : 3 semaines

Origine : France

Weight : 95

Dimensions : Diameter 82mm

Number of colors : Quadri

Minimum of quantity : 10

Colour : White, Black, Minty, Melon, Light gray, Yellow, Vintage pink, Duck blue

Packaging : Cardboard box

Battery Type : 1.2V lithium battery

Marking technique : Quadrichromy

Position of logo : 1

Amount of colours of marking : 1